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Home > Internet Protection > NetGenie Internet Router

Secure Wireless Router for Protected Internet Surfing

Protect every device connected to the Internet in your home!

Computer Internet Filters are unreliable and bypass-able. Each computer needs software installed and a licensing fee. Software can't block the xbox, the wii or the iPod Touch. 

Finally the Ultimate Internet Filter that Isn't Software.

NetGenie ensures that you offer a safe Internet experience to your family. Keep hackers, viruses and other intruders at bay when your family surfs the Internet. Protect your kids from harmful Internet content and also manage their Internet time and experience with NetGenie's Parental Controls feature. Get reports on your home Internet use and your family's Internet activities and manage your NetGenie configuration – with any Internet-access device at your home!

Enjoy a secure Wi-Fi home where you can access the Internet from any corner of your house. NetGenie offers your Internet access using various internet-access devices like a computer, laptop, PDA, smart phone, iPAD and more! You can share Internet connectivity with your family members and also connect internet-enabled devices like printers, gaming consoles and more across your home.

Unlike software solutions, one device guards an entire network and makes tampering difficult. Works with Mac, Windows, Linux, gaming devices and iPod Touch. A little computer experience is needed!


  • Safe Internet Surfing for Every Age
  • Business Level Security Against Viruses, Intrusion Protection, Malware and Harmful Programs
  • Easily Give Temporary Access to Your Network
  • View Reports that Monitor Your Network Activity
  • Manage Time Spent Online by Category
  • One Device Protects and Manages All Your Computers
  • Works with Mac, Windows, Linux and any WiFi Enabled Device
  • Absolutely No Software to Install
  • Built-in Firewall Protects Against Online Threats
  • Guard Your Children from Inappropriate Content


How It Works:
How NetGenie Works

The Family Safe Review:
The NetGenie has some really great features. Here is a list of the main features we found in our review.

  • Plug-and-play Setup.  It is truly plug-and-play for most people. No need to change your computer settings (as long as your computer uses DHCP - like most people do). You don't have to register your device. You don't even need a subscription or a key. 
  • Subscription. The NetGenie includes a three year subscription to all new updates to web sites and viruses definitions. This happens automatically and will keep you up to date with the changing world of the Internet.
  • Individual User Accounts. The NetGenie allows you to create a user for each person in your home. You can allow access to specific web site categories based on the user's age or setup custom categories. Individual white lists (allowed sites) and black lists (blocked sites) can be setup for each user. Each category is reviewed by a real human. Overrides can be performed on the fly with the admin's user id and password. 
  • Time Management by Site Category. You can set different time limits for your children based the web site's category or classification. This is helpful for restricting Gaming web sites, but leaving sites used for homework unrestricted. 
  • Guest Network. You may have visitors to your home that you want to give access to the Internet, but don't want to share your home network files with or setup an access account. You can give them access to the separate Guest Network. This will protect your personal files and still give them access to the Internet.


  • applianceNetGenie Wireless 802.11b/g/n Router
  • Two Antennas
  • CAT-5e LAN Cable
  • Power Adaptor
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Three year subscription for virus definitions and web site category updates.

Why a Subscription?:

One subscription (or router) gives you licensing for all of the computers in your home. The Internet is constantly growing and changing as thousands of new websites emerge each and every day. The NetGenie keeps you up-to-date using a patent -pending real-time filtering database technology. This means that your NetGenie will always be up to date with Internet websites, games, and online threat protection as the Internet changes and grows.

What does the subscription provide?

  • Automatic web site content blocking definition updates
  • Automatic updates to the latest virus definitions
  • Automatic online application blocking signature updates
  • Unlimited licensing for all computers in your home
  • Award-winning product support

30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

You really need to try the NetGenie. Try it in your home for 30 days and if you don't like it, contact us and we will send you return instructions. We know you will love the NetGenie. 

Please Note: As with any networking equipment your performance will vary depending on your provider and setup. Connection speeds may be reduced as this router will rely on an offsite database for web site category classification.


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NetGenie Internet Filtering Router
Includes a 3 Year Subscription
to the Built-in Web and
Virus Filter.

Retail Price: $225.00
Special Price: $199.99

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Order Online or Call
(800) 828-4514

Suggested Accessories:

Network Lock Clips

Add a One Year Replacement Extended Warranty

Order Online or Call
(800) 828-4514

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