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Will The TV Guardian Work With My DVD Player?

The TVGuardian works with most DVD players by using the regular, non-digital, 3-pronged A/V connections.

To have the TVGuardian technology and enjoy high-end video and optical audio, we recommend the TVG DVD Player.

Your DVD Player must be able to pass the closed caption data to the TVGuardian or it will not work. Use the following instructions to test your equipment to see if the TVGuardian will work.

  1. Turn Closed Captioning (CC) TO ON on your TV. You may have to reference your TV's owner manual. There is usually a button on the remote or something to change in the menus. This is a requirement for the test. This test will not work if your TV doesn't support closed captioning.
  2. Connect your DVD player directly to your TV. If using coax cable turn to Ch 3 or 4 accordingly. If you are using the 3-pronged A/V input on the TV you must turn your TV to the input device that corresponds the input signal. 
  3. You will turn the TV's CC setting [on] to CC1 with the DVD player connected. Play a DVD (it cannot be one from Universal Studios - they don't support CC technology) and watch for CC across the bottom of the screen. If no captions show up, that means your DVD player is preventing the CC signal from reaching your TV. You can contact the DVD manufacturer and ask them why the DVD player strips the CC for the hearing impaired.
  4. If you do see captions, then the DVD player should work with the TVG. 
    If your DVD player passes this test yet does not seem to be working with the TVG, please e-mail tech support with your DVD player brand & model #.

Here is a list of DVD Players that do not support closed captioning:
Akai DVPS760
Apex (some models work/others will not... refer to NOTE below)
Cinevision DVP650
Classic DVD 102 (macrovision)
GE 1101p
GoVIDEO DVR4000 (combo) possibly 4100 & 4300
Hitachi DVPF2U (combo)
JVC (All JVC units prior to 2001 do not support CC, units 2001+ do.)
Lennox ?
Lansonic 1100
Magnavox MDV450SL21
Memorex (refer to NOTE below)
Oritron dvd650 (dvd610 works)
Panasonic DVD724, RV22, RV32, RP91, SCHT75, A-300
Phillips #724, #624 (tech support claims no player supports CC)
RCA Proscan p58680z, RC5240P, RC5200p
Samsung DVD-V2000
Samsung DVD-S221
Sanyo DWM-270
Shinsonic DVD100A
Sony DVTNC600
Sony SLV-D100 (combo unit) (works on vcr side, not dvd)

Toshiba, Sanyo, & Pioneer DVD players have had few problems with TVG.

On some DVD players there is a setting in the menu for captions. This may need to be turned on in order for your DVD player to work with TVG. Some Apex models will work when you turn this option on, others will not. GE & Memorex & some other models may have this setting as well.

You may have a Receiver that has a loopback option for the center audio track. This allows the Center Track information to be passed out of the receiver and through the TVGuardian and back into the receiver. Not all receivers have this feature.

This is one of the reasons why we offer the 30-day money back guarantee. So you can try it out with your system.



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